What is Recreational Therapist

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What is a Recreational Therapy Assistant?

A recreational therapy assistant (RTA) sometimes referred to as a therapeutic recreation assistant, works under the clinical supervision of a recreational therapist. The RTA is responsible for supporting the RT and interdisciplinary team in the implementation of care plans and protocols to achieve the goals of peoples served.

Interventions are selected that will assist to remediate the effects of illness or disability and/or enable an individual to increase personal independence. For example, a recreational therapist may use a board game activity to assess and increase fine motor dexterity. Or the recreational therapist may train a consumer to use an adapted fishing reel to enable the consumer to continue motivation for activity involvement in a lifetime passion. Similarly, a recreational therapist may lead an anger management group to teach aggressive consumers alternative coping skills, lead a reminiscent group to aid aging adults to cope with memory changes or teach consumers to overcome environmental barriers (stairs, curbs) in order access their community confidently and independently.

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