BATRA Virtual Spring Conference 2020 Hardship Application

We’re providing students with the chance to fill out a hardship application form to reduce the cost of the BATRA conference during COVID-19.

After we receive this waiver information, we will waive your fees and ask that you only be charged $30 for 3 videos or $45 for all 6 videos. We understand financial instabilities right now, so we hope that this waiver can be attainable for all. Please stay updated by visiting our website to know when the latest time is to submit this application, pay appropriate fees, and access videos.

We are here as a board to support students and provide you with as much information through professionals and different programs. After all you are our future.

After Paypal payments are paid for please allow at most 3 business days for our team to review this application and email you with class codes for access to your videos.

Lastly- BATRA sends you and your family our best regards. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And of course lets continue learning as a field.

Best regards,