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Welcome to BATRA

President's Message

Greetings BATRA Members!

As former president of BATRA, it is my honor to serve on the board again and further the mission of the agency.  The prior president, Kevin McCann, is a great man who has served the board well for many years. It is sad to see him transition away and it was a pleasure to serve with him for a number of years.

Since my last tenure with BATRA the number of members appears to keep rising, and with that growth comes increased responsibilities.  I look forward to facilitating the change necessary to meet the demands of our burgeoning organization in conjunction with the BATRA board and the support of our members.

I plan on continuing with our commitment to offer cost effective CEU opportunities while also increasing our bottom line through fiscal responsibility in order to offer increased services for our RT family. We are currently utilizing resources for the purpose of sorting out BATRA’s IRS filing as a non-profit, which would allow us to receive tax deductible donations, amongst other long term benefits. We can all thank Liz for this ongoing task. 

Genovia has been great regarding the website and email systems and she is working hard to train Joyce in this area. The previous board streamlined the payment system and I hope we can increase efficiency even further through online conference registration through the BATRA website. Other discussions we have had include increasing partnerships with local universities, the potential provision of research grants, and the ability to further our parent organization’s lobbying efforts for licensure. I have to keep telling myself, "One thing at a time".. Luckily I have the other board members to keep me in check.

I believe in the integrity of transparency and that ideal will continue on in my efforts to serve you all. I look forward to working with previous board members, and I would like to acknowledge their countless selfless efforts towards making this whole thing possible. By sharing common goals for the organization, it will make for a smoother transition towards the bright future that awaits us!

Respect and Love,
Swapan Munshi