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Welcome to BATRA

President's Message

It continues to be my honor to serve you all as President as I near the end of my second term. Within my last President’s message I mentioned the burgeoning growth of our once small organization, which is now a diverse group of professionals with affiliations furthering recreation therapy on a global scale.

Last conference, we shared our strategy to facilitate our evolution going forward and we created a vision for the future of our organization. I even made joke of my ambitions stating that “I have to keep telling myself one thing at a time, and that I’m lucky to have the board members to keep me in check”. I would like to now share with you some of our progress.

With the efforts of our incredible Treasurer Liz Peters, we have now resolved our IRS filing as a non-profit. Managing BATRA with fiscal responsibility has served us well. By taking care of our finances, insolvency is not an issue and we can begin to offer increased services to our members. The potential for scholarships and the provision of research grants is now closer to reality rather than just a vision. We also plan to ramp up conference giveaways going forward.

Helping our parent organization with lobbying efforts is often overlooked, yet when we dissect the largest obstacles to the growth of our field, it is clear why so many prominent RTs focus their efforts in this area. Depending on the specifics and performing our due diligence, BATRA would like to assist here as well. Certain organizations directly lobby against us and we must be persistent in our efforts for increased inclusion in the healthcare arena.

Regarding the website, we have finally enabled the automation of payments through Paypal which was a long time coming. The generation of member lists is now more automated as well. By streamlining our systems we are able to concentrate efforts for other goals. Before next conference I would like to revamp the website utilizing our new logo to synthesize our branding efforts. I was hoping to have it done already but it was not possible

We have been continuing to increase partnerships with local universities and we are happy to see progress. Our students serve as our lifeblood and we all benefit when our community can join together and increase communication. Thank you Katie and Julia for these efforts and much more.

I always try to believe in the integrity of transparency and that ideal will continue on in my final stretch here, and I hope beyond as well. I would like to acknowledge the countless selfless efforts of our board members and volunteers towards making this whole thing possible. By sharing common goals for the organization, it will make for a smoother transition towards the bright future that awaits us.

Lastly, during my first term I had just recently graduated from San Jose State University. On this most recent occasion I was swayed by Kim Pham and stated I would only join if Desiree Bell jumped on board as well. Now I am asking you to consider joining the BATRA board as several key members look to transition away after 2016.

It is my belief that referring others to positions of power, whom you feel have a good heart, and do not crave power for personal gain but rather for the benefit of the collective, can be a very effective strategy. People are often shy to come forth, so I ask you, during your conversations, approach someone who you feel is a competent candidate and ask if they would join the BATRA Board. We look forward to communicating our visions so we can dream together.

Respect and Love,
Swapan Munshi