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Welcome to BATRA

President's Message

Greetings BATRA Members!

BATRA – The name of one of the organizations in California dedicated to bringing you conference content at an affordable price and local to most of its members.

We’ve begun to make some changes within BATRA to improve the overall content of what we provide. 

First on the list, we decided to do something to automate the point of sale process.  For the members who attended the most recent conference, you may have noticed the ease and convenience of sliding your credit card on our new credit card readers.  I am hoping that with the changes in the point of sale process you’ll find that you will have easily accessible receipts via email and/or text message.  I am also hoping that our streamlining of the point of sale process will better ensure that you enjoy more of the conference and less of the lines to the conference.

Plans: We at BATRA.  Are looking to change how we do business on the web.  We’re currently exploring our alternatives for websites because we need a website that is user friendly for the Board as well as a website that is user friendly for the members.  Once we’ve pinned a site down, we will definitely let you know the address.   I’m hoping in the future this will mean the inclusion of online applications and possibly online payments.  With a new website we are also hoping to change our email provider since we’ve struggled with dropped emails over the years and all around difficulty with being considered “spam” mail.  My goal with that is to improve the way we communicate to you what we’re doing.

We’ve done some logo re-designing.  You may have noticed.  We wanted to spruce up what we’ve been offering and we decided that we needed something that showed where BATRA has its roots.  I’m hoping you like the change.

I must acknowledge our Board’s current team.  All of them have put in tremendous time and effort to make BATRA happen twice a year.  I really appreciate the efforts of:

Our Member at Large for Education - Rebecca Lesnik – she has been responsible for all of the CEU credits you all have received.  She ensured time and time again that the speakers would meet the strict requirements of NCTRC and ATRA.  I really appreciate the efforts of

Our Secretary - Genovia Morgan – She has turned our member list upside down and shaken all the bugs out of it.  She’s been responsible for improving the way we have organized and run our member list.  She has gone to the ends of the Earth literally to make that happen.  Not only that, she been the spokesperson of BATRA via the BATRA email account.

Our Treasurer - Eric Chin – He has helped to keep the BATRA finances in order.  It was a tall order to get everything transferred to a new Board and since then, he has taken on task after task given to him and I thank the time and effort he has done to keep everything running smoothly.

Our Student Representative - Hope.  She has been the primary reason we have had such dedicated student volunteers conference after conference.  She’s found ways to make the impossible possible with the students and we as a Board really appreciate her dedication to the board since her inclusion.

Finally yet importantly, BATRA continues to exist, continues to provide great Recreation Therapy conference content all because of members like you.  Without you, the member, BATRA would not exist.  It is this reason that we as a Board strive to improve our organization.  to best meet the needs of the members such as yourself.  I hope you continue to find content being provided by BATRA excellent and please feel free to email us at any time any suggestions you may have.


Thank you,

Kevin McCann

BATRA President 2013


"The purpose of recreation

Is not to kill time,
But to make time live;

Not to keep people occupied,
But to keep them refreshed;

Not to offer an escape,
But to provide
A discovery of life."

- Author unknown